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About Blue Hound Books LLC

Welcome to Blue Hound Books! We are so grateful to be able to start this adventure together as a family. We could not be here without the confidence and support of our family and friends. We met at Southwestern University and have enjoyed traveling all over the world. No matter where we were we found ourselves rummaging through the bookshelves of a local bookstore. When we had the opportunity to start our own bookstore, we jumped at the chance. We want to offer a space for locals and visitors alike to rummage and explore our shelves and stories. 


Our name is inspired by our two dogs, Tex and Sadie, who definitely keep us exploring and have helped us meet many new friends. The loving nature and friendliness of our dogs is what we hope everyone feels when they stop by Blue Hound Books.


Thank you for those who have supported us already and those who are just starting to explore your future bookstore. 


Wayne & Sarah Munger (Owners)

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