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About Blue Hound Books LLC

Welcome to Blue Hound Books! We are so grateful to be able to be on this adventure together as a family. We could not be here without the confidence and support of our family and friends. We met at Southwestern University and have enjoyed traveling all over the world. No matter where we were we found ourselves rummaging through the bookshelves of a local bookstores and wandering the grand libraries around the world. When we had the opportunity to start our own bookstore, we jumped at the chance. We want to offer a space for locals and visitors alike to rummage and explore our shelves and stories. 

After a couple years of being just a retail store we wanted to offer more. Keeping our focus on books and using our knack and affinity for carpentry and design, we have now launched our custom library service. We work hand in hand with homeowners and businesses to create and stock their statement pieces that house their books. Whether it is a small shelf in a kids room or a law library at your office, let us help you create the perfect statement piece to house your books. 


Thank you for those who have supported us already and those who are just starting to explore your future bookstore. 


Wayne & Sarah Munger (Owners)

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