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Wizards Vs Aliens S03e02

Justin attempts to fulfill a number of achievements he thinks make up a successful senior year at high school, including joining the basketball team, being elected student body president, hosting a big party, and winning the science fair with a water-powered engine. Alex has a romance going off and on in this season. Max falls for his first girlfriend. The season finale has the family kidnapped by government agents for being wizards. Tricked into believing an alien invasion is coming, Justin tells the agents magic exists, leading to most wizards being captured. The Russos manage to escape with Alex declaring they need to tell the world the truth to save the wizard world. (the season 4 premiere would reveal the whole thing was a test for Alex and Justin).

Wizards vs Aliens s03e02

John Crichton was an astronaut and theoretical scientist in his 30s around the time he was shot through a wormhole. He was setting out on the space shuttle to test a theory with his childhood friend, DK, while his proud father (Jack Crichton), who was also an astronaut in his younger days, watched. However, due to a scientific phenomenon he had not anticipated, the experiment resulted in Crichton traveling through a wormhole to a distant part of the galaxy, and he eventually found himself on the run aboard Moya with a collection of aliens who eventually become his allies and friends.[1]

John finally had the chance to test his and DK's theory. However, during the test flight, a wormhole appeared and John and his module (named Farscape One) are pulled through it to parts unknown. On his sudden exit from the wormhole, in the middle of a spaceship dogfight, Tauvo Crais - the brother of Peacekeeper Captain Bialar Crais - clips Farscape One's wing with his spacecraft, causing Tauvo to lose control and fatally collide with an asteroid. Crichton then found his craft being pulled aboard a large spaceship, where he met his first aliens. Confusion was his initial reaction and even after the aliens injected him with translator microbes, allowing him to understand what they were saying, he was still bewildered. He eventually learned that he is aboard a bio-mechanoid prisoner transport vessel named Moya, a Leviathan, which has been taken over by its three prisoners (Zhaan, D'Argo and Rygel); they brought him aboard because they assumed his sudden appearance was deliberate and they might be able to utilize such technology to facilitate their own escape. Despite Crichton being unable to help them, they managed to escape.

John had to adapt rather quickly to a life of aliens, guns, space travel, and a lack of chocolate and TV. The last item may have been the toughest privation for Crichton, as he was very fond of pop culture, as he would make numerous references to 20th century products, movies, commercials, TV shows, and the like, all of which were hopelessly lost on his friends and crewmates aboard Moya, though John did sometimes try to explain some aspects of Earth culture to them.

Eventually, Crichton found his way back to the real Earth. he then shared alien technology and knowledge about the galaxy to the US government, opening the era of humanity to reach the stars in the near future and giving them the head start to deal with threat from the galaxy. However, the US government kept a strict supervision on him and all the aliens.

When giant alien heads appear, they put Earth in a musical competition against other planets for their entertainment. It is up to Rick and Morty to create a song to save Earth and to let the aliens get schwifty!

For Jerry to prove himself to his kids, he decides that he will help Morty on his science project. But when they disagree over whether Pluto is a planet or not, they end up going on a trip where aliens from Pluto abduct Jerry and Morty, since Jerry says they are a planet. When Rick drops off Summer at her job, the shop owner, Mr. Needful, admits he is the devil and he is giving cursed objects to people. So Rick sets up shop across the street to get rid of the curses.

When you have a brilliant mind like Rick, aliens are always trying to get information out of you. In the Zigerions' latest attempt to do just that, they kidnap Rick and place him in a virtual-reality chamber to play through a day to see if they can get the recipe for dark matter out of him. But since Rick is a genius, he knows when things seem off. Unfortunately, the Zigerions did not just capture Rick; they also accidentally captured Jerry, who thinks he is having the best day ever in his virtual-reality chamber.


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