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[S1E4] Square Hamburger, Round Buns

A different kind of sandwich that usually has a chunk of beef (made from grounded meat) in between two buns.In Flippin' Burgers, a lot of burgers and patties can be seen in the burger joint. Lumpy is seen eating a burger with a heart in A Change of Heart. Lumpy eats another burger which gives him a heart attack. Lumpy can be seen chewing on a burger in A Bit of a Pickle.

[S1E4] Square Hamburger, Round Buns

On 12 January, during her birthday live, Pekora debuted a new 3D costume called "Pekoland Princess." Pekora has a new hairstyle using long twintails that are partially braided and decorated with small white flowers. As a princess Pekora wears a small golden tiara. Pekora wears a mostly white dress with light blue and orange elements. The dress as a fluffy collar decorated with a golden bow. The neckline is golden and has a square cut decorated with diamond shapes, this can also be seen around her sleeves and waist where a bow is also present. The upper portion of the skirt is decorated with golden rabbit silhouettes, this portion is bigger on the back going down to Pekora's calfs. Pekora wears high socks and golden shoes.[35] 041b061a72

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