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Midnight Mass

He's also extremely busy busting out more content for Netflix. Filming has reportedly wrapped up on The Midnight Club -- a limited horror mystery thriller series unrelated to Midnight Mass. An adaptation of Christopher Pike's 1994 young adult novel, it follows a group of terminally ill young patients who gather together at midnight to tell scary stories.

Midnight Mass

Midnight Mass comes from a very real place for creator Mike Flanagan and has been cooking for a while. Flanagan was raised Roman Catholic and served as an altar boy at his parishes on Governors Island in New York and in Bowie, Maryland. In this small-town setting, "midnight mass, that was a pretty big deal," Flanagan said in the Making of Midnight Mass Netflix featurette.

In episode 1, we see a scene in which a mysterious figure enters the pastor's house. He slides a massive chest across the floor and unlocks it. Strange events ensue. In episode 7, Monsignor Pruitt says that he bribed and lied to smuggle the Angel to Crockett Island, inside the trunk.

Father Paul intones this "old translation" from a new missal "closer to the original Latin" during his first session taking Sunday mass. It pretty much sets up the rest of the series. The drunk driving accident that saw his girlfriend Beth killed four years ago continues to haunt Riley. The idea suggested is that, by literally drinking their blood, Riley will join Father Paul and the Angel's "covenant" and be relieved of his sins.

I was a good altar boy, devout, studious, appropriately serious for my age. I liked church. I learned how to harmonize while singing along with the choir every Sunday (I was fortunate enough to add my voice to many of these same hymns as they appear in Midnight Mass, rendered beautifully by The Newton Brothers), though I preferred the acoustic folk group who performed the less formal masses.

Join the Benedictine Monks of Saint Leo Abbey at Christmas midnight Mass in the Abbey Church in celebration of the birth of Jesus. Christmas carols will precede the Mass at 11:30 p.m., Friday, December 24.

Midnight Mass is about a tiny island village with a triple-digit population, separated from the mainland by 30 miles of ocean in every direction. Ecological disaster and financial hardship weigh heavily on the citizenry. The setting is beautifully realized, the massive open sky is a constant companion, adding visual splendor and ominous background to every scene. The natural beauty of the island is juxtaposed against the crumbling infrastructure and dying industry. The local Catholic church is the town's focal point, and the only building that seems to be improving, rather than falling apart. The series begins as a new face takes command of the congregation.

Fans of Flanagan's work already know his style, and this series fits right in. The cinematography is excellent, full of long shots and busy frames. Fans will be eagerly scanning the scenery for hidden horrors, and frequently be rewarded for their acute eye. The design of the series' monsters is excellent, employing subtle twists on classic concepts to create something special. Some of the CGI is a bit dodgy, but the series is not effects-heavy enough for it to really ruin anything. The horror scenes range from simple jump scares all the way to massive chaotic spectacle. Flanagan's ghost stories are typically a little light on gore, but Mass occasionally cuts loose with some genuinely visceral blood and guts. While perhaps a bit less subtle than either of the Haunting series, the show certainly earns it in the long run. 041b061a72


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