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Relive the Epic Tale of Four War-Orphaned Heroes in FINAL FANTASY II for Android

The events of the second Final Fantasy are set in a fantasy world and tell the story of four young people whose parents were killed during the invasion of the Palmetian Empire, led by a sinister emperor who rules over demons and various monsters. Three of them decide to join the rebel movement and overthrow the emperor. Among the features of Final Fantasy II: interesting and detailed plot; many characters with their own history; large open world; a dialogue system is provided.

Final Fantasy II[a] is a fantasy role-playing video game developed and published by Square in 1988 for the Family Computer as the second installment of the Final Fantasy series. The game has received numerous enhanced remakes for the WonderSwan Color, the PlayStation, the Game Boy Advance, the PlayStation Portable, iOS, Android and Windows. As neither this game nor Final Fantasy III were initially released outside Japan, Final Fantasy IV was originally released in North America as Final Fantasy II, so as not to confuse players. Following enhanced versions for iOS and Android in 2010 and 2012 respectively, the game was re-released again as part of the 2021 Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster series.[4]

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The party enters the castle of Palamecia and confronts Leon, but the Emperor reappears in the throne room in a new demonic form, revealing he has returned from Hell with the intention of destroying the entire world. The party and Leon escape Palamecia Castle with the wyvern, as the castle is replaced with the palace of Hell, Pandaemonium. Leon agrees to help the group seal the Emperor away. The party travels to the Jade Passage, an underground passage to the underworld, and finds the portal to Pandaemonium, where they finally defeat the Emperor. Afterwards, Leon chooses to leave in response to the trouble he caused, though Firion assures him that he'll be welcomed back if and when he returns.

Although a prototype cartridge of the English NES Final Fantasy II was produced, the project was, by Moriyama's own admission, still far from complete: "We had so very limited memory capacity we could use for each game, and it was never really "translating" but chopping up the information and cramming them back in... [Additionally] our boss had no understanding in putting in extra work for the English version at that time".[23] In 2003, when the game was finally released to English-speaking audiences as part of Final Fantasy Origins, it was released with new graphics, music, and a brand new translation under the supervision of Akira Kashiwagi. A fan translation of the original game was also created prior to the release of Origins, and makes use of an original translation as the existence of the prototype cartridge was not common knowledge at the time.[23]

Square Enix acaba de lanzar una nueva versión de Final Fantasy 2 Pixel Remaster APK para iOS, Android y Steam como parte de la serie Pixel Remaster. Este es un remaster en 2d de uno de los jrpgs más controvertidos de todos los tiempos dado que final fantasy 2 ya ha tenido varios remakes a lo largo de los años.

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A squad of brave heroes travels through a fantasy world in war. In this part of the saga a system of skill levels appeared for the first time. Instead of the gradual upgrade for experience points the player will develop individual characteristics depending on the style of battle. In addition to research and battles a lot of time is given to the dialogues, in which you can learn valuable information or get a unique piece of equipment and soldiers in the squad. The re-edition also has an autobattle feature and completel redesign the original soundtrack.


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