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Ashley Tucker
Ashley Tucker

11. The Platinum Rule UPD

When you look at the context of the golden rule in the scriptures there is a lot more instruction on how to act, which hopefully will give myself and other struggling saints pause on how to REALLY act. Adding the Platinum rule is like getting more instruction.

11. The Platinum Rule

We live in a competitive world. We spend our careers educating ourselves and working year-after-year to make a difference for those around us. As entrepreneurs and businesspeople we commit everything to the bet that we can provide a compelling service to our customers. Through all of these areas, we find a core principle of performance; and from it comes a primary lesson for being successful. It is called the Platinum Rule, and it stands as the root and foundation of the most successful things you will achieve in your career. This rule recognizes that we operate in a complex, and crowded world. We live in a sea of options for the people we hire, the goods we consume, companies that we work with, and in most areas of choice in our economic and personal lives.

I recently discovered that a verycommon principle I have known all my life is referred to as the golden rule.I also learned that it is coming under scrutiny and modern times are asking forit to be updated.

The golden rule stands on theassumption that every other person you interact with wants what you want. Thereare many ways you can miss the mark on that one, which is why the golden ruleis in need of an update.

These questions have come up whendealing with people I hold dear, that struggle with addiction or tendencies toself harm. The platinum rule would not help me or them, if I followed itstrictly. The golden rule would also fall short. 041b061a72


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