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Ashley Tucker

Intouchables English Subtitles Movie 18

I have the same problem but with Polish language subtitles. The Polish subtitles are supposed to be available for some of the movies however in the videos "Jack Reacher" and "Prometheus" there were no Polish subtitles. So far only "Man in Black 3" had them and it automatically swithed on. In the settings there are different subtitles languages to select however the Polish ones are not there as an option. Is there any special way to enable the subtitles in the videos or the desription of the movies saying that Polish subtitles are available is simply an error? Is the 2nd post of Gospelgurl (saying about playing with up and down buttons) the way of enabling the subtitiles? Nothing like this is in the manual.

Intouchables English Subtitles Movie 18


There are so many amazing movies out there and not being bilingual doesn't have to mean that fans should miss out on some of the best of them. Watching movies with subtitles has become more popular as fans experience different actors and cultures through film.

Many movies and series have dubs available but it often results in missing out on part of the actors' performances as well as the atmosphere of the setting. Viewers may not be able to be on their phones while watching, but some movies are worth the attention. Reading the subtitles and experiencing a wider variety of films often ends up giving a more fulfilling and richer experience.


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