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If you only need MATLAB for very basic tasks, like an introductory calculus or linear algebra course, your best bet is running MATLAB in the browser. MATLAB offers a robust online platform for cloud computing with a fair amount of power. To use MATLAB online you only need to sign into your university or organization Mathworks account and choose the online option. If you're already signed in to your Mathworks account, you can access the online platform directly at

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Download File:

Here, replace '' with the name of your downloaded install package. This process will take a short time and you will see several file names scroll down the Terminal window. When the process completes you will see username@penguin on the command line again.

You're all set, that's the entire process for installing MATLAB on your Chromebook or another ChromeOS device. For those that don't need the local installation, the online experience can be nice too if you don't need to store too many files. Let us know your experience with each method in the comments section below.


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