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What Makes a Helmet Expensive?

The price of helmets varies exceedingly. It’s possible to find a helmet that costs less than $200, more than 500, and some go for more than $1000. Helmets attract a significant amount of money. And that causes many people to wonder, why the expensive price. 

Remember, helmets aren’t just for decorative purposes; safety comes first. And to provide maximum cushioning, the design, choice of materials, technology, and comfort matters. 

Many companies thus take their time to research before manufacturing a product that resonates with the demands of riders. And hence the high price of helmets. But there are other reasons too as Helmet Gurus found out. 

Factors Influencing the Price of a Helmet

Many factors contribute to the high price of helmets. Most companies engage in deep research about the best materials, technologies, and designs that can give rise to a suitable helmet. When the research finally translates into a finished product, the consumer bears the cost.

The reliable materials for making helmets aren’t cheap. For instance, helmets made of pure carbon and Kevlar aren’t that cheap. But besides the material, the technology and the actual process for manufacturing the helmet further push the price. 

Before a new product reaches the market, it undergoes various testing to certify the set standards. Helmets must comply with the demands of certification bodies such as DOT, FIM, ECE, or SNELL. 

When a new helmet hits the market, most high-end brands engage in an intensive advertisement about the premium product. And the advertisement cost also adds to the initial price of the lid. 

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Why Are Some Helmets More Expensive Than Others?

Generally, helmets aren’t cheap. However, some brands of helmets are more expensive than their competitors. 

Whereas ordinary helmets strive to reach the minimum requirements, luxurious brands strive to exceed the demands of certification bodies. For example, some helmets only strive to have DOT or ECE certification. 

However, premium brands may strive to make products that satisfy even FIM and SNELL demands. That makes them very expensive.  

Still, some helmet companies target high-end motorcycle riders. As such, they use superb light and high-quality materials to make their helmets. For instance, standard helmets may use composite fiber, but premium brands use Kevlar or fully carbon fiber. 

At the same time, other teams or groups of riders opt for customized helmets. So that means producing helmets that have specific paintings, drawings, or writings according to the customer’s demand. 

Besides the standard requirements, other brands also incorporate plenty of accessories and features thus, pushing further the price of a helmet. Fortunately Helmet Gurus has certified hoods for entry, middle and high end classes. 

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How Do You Tell Whether a Helmet is of Good Quality or Not?

The first check for quality is to look for certification marks. Although the certifying organization varies from one country to the next, DOT, ECE, and SNELL are common. Any lid that doesn’t have a safety mark is unreliable.  

In addition, verify the materials used on the shell, strappings, and visor. Remember the suitability of a helmet also depends on the type of use you subject it to. Fortunately, Helmet Gurus has various types of helmets for wide riding styles. 



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