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At Blue Hound Books LLC, we believe that a good book should have a good home. We specialize in designing and constructing unique home libraries and stocking them with the perfect books. Show off your interests and tastes in style with a shelf or room with just as much character as your favorite hero or collection of books. 


Custom Bookshelves

Designer Bindings

Personalized Collections

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Why work with us?

Our process and experience makes your dreams reality while meeting your budget and space requirements.


Uniquely Custom Design

Don't limit yourself to pre-made dimensions that don't quite fit your space or style. Work with us to design and build the perfect bookcase or display. We love to make the awkward spaces into focal points of the room.


Team Effort

We want to be partners with you to make your visions come to life. We also work really well with general contractors and builders to make sure your room is ready when you need it. 


Quality Materials 

No one likes a shelf that sags over time or chips at the slightest scrape. Our designs and materials are meant to last. We guarantee satisfaction and will work with you if any damage occurs to help keep it looking the best.


Curated Books

Our specialization is going above and beyond. We help stock your unique shelves with the perfect books at a fraction of the cost at box stores. When you build with us, you get access to custom binding books, autographed copies, and special releases. If it is out there, we can find it and work to bring it to your shelf.


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