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Ashley Tucker
Ashley Tucker

1920x1080 256K Wallpaper. 256K Wallpaper, 256K ...

An interesting side-note regarding direct=1: the sequential read experiments on the raw block device resulted in a disparity between the IOPS reported by fio, and the reads-per-second reported by iostat. Recall that 1MB reads issued by fio broke down into four 256k reads in the kernel block layer. Thus, iostat reported 4X more reads-per-second than fio. That disparity goes away when setting direct=1 in the run file for the block device.The IOPS reported by fio and iostat aligned similarly to our observations with the file system. Using direct=1 on block devices changes the disk IO behavior.

1920x1080 256K Wallpaper. 256K Wallpaper, 256K ...

Although the download might take 15 seconds for some people (eg GreenNet ADSL2+ broadband offering speeds "up to" 12Mbps), 10% of household internet connections in the UK as at 2009 are still dial-up, higher in many other countries. A 10MB download on dial-up might take nearly an hour. And older broadband connections or in rural areas the download speed might be 512kbps and the transfer still takes several minutes. Even on the fastest broadband, uploading is often limited to 256kbps, so if you expect a 10MB file to be retransmitted, that is likely to be slower than expected.

A three-minute MP3 audio at a very high bitrate (256kpbs);1 minute of low-resolution video, or of streaming from a video-sharing site;all the Wikileaks cablegate files released by mid-Dec 2010;a 20-page PDF which might include a badly-chosen cover photo;the complete works of Shakespeare (uncompressed)

The default firmware used by QEMU is SeaBIOS, which is a Legacy BIOS implementation. QEMU uses /usr/share/qemu/bios-256k.bin (provided by the seabios package) as a default read-only (ROM) image. You can use the -bios argument to select another firmware file. However, UEFI requires writable memory to work properly, so you need to emulate PC System Flash instead. 041b061a72


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